Winter routes

During the winter months, the club takes to runs around Glasgow’s streets. Run in similarly paced groups, it offers great company and motivation to get the miles under your belt, particularly when the long winter evenings come in, and you might find it harder to get out on your own.

The runs are colour coded, and involve a different part of the town. All runs start and finish at Glasgow Ski Centre, and usually offer different challenges and variations. There’s usually an ‘opt-out’ point if you’re not fancying the full distance, and on long stretches of road, we’ll often build in paced sections, or indian trails, to keep the variety up. The names are all clickable links to Google Maps.

Some tips when running at night:

  • Be visible. Make sure you’re wearing reflective clothing and light colours where possible. Cars and pedestrians should to see you well in advance. Reflective bibs, arm reflectors and lights are widely available, and specialist running shops will have specific high-viz gear.
  • Pace yourself. Run in the right group for your pace, particularly if the route is unfamiliar.
  • Communicate. If you’re struggling, make sure you’re not left behind. Ensure the group leader knows if you’re dropping out, cutting the run short, or dropping back to a following group.
  • Small change. Bring a few pounds with you so you can always hop in a bus or grab a cab if you want to pull out.
  • Watch out. Running on streets at night invariably means obstacles. Don’t run too close to the person in front that you can’t take avoiding action on something you can’t see. Stick to the middle of the pavement. If you’re in front, shout out about approaching obstacles. Hold your hand out to indicate caution to those following. Watch out for railings, bins and holes, and sudden appearances of pedestrians from corners, closes and shops.
  • Be Safe. Stick together, keep an eye out for everybody.
  • Have fun! Whilst winter running can be tough, it has its own rewards. You’ll appreciate the warm when you get home, feel a great sense of achievement, and will be really improving your endurance, and having great fun with good company.