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Helensburgh Half Marathon – 4 August 2013

Report from Craig Reid.

Firstly, it was great to see so many Bella’s out for the Helensburgh half marathon on Sunday. Not only were there loads of us running but also a good number of (very vocal) supporters which I know we all appreciated. Its been a wee while since I wrote a race report but for obvious reasons I thought now was as good a time as any to get back in the habit again, so here goes……

Sunday 4th August saw the running of the annual Helensburgh half marathon. A great turn out from Bella club members meant that we were by far and away the most represented club and as we gathered at the start there were plenty of purple vests on show. As the horn sounded I was keen not to make the same mistake as last year and set off at too fast a pace. Within a couple of hundred metres, myself and Steven Prentice of Bellahouston Harriers had moved to the front of the field and made the early pace. For the first three miles we ran at about 5:45 per mile pace which was a little slower than I wanted but I didn’t want to move ahead on my own so early into the race. I was feeling strong and could hear that Steven was breathing quite heavily so expected he would drop off a bit.

Around 3.5 miles in, out of nowhere two runners came flying past us, Hayley Haining of Kilbarchan and Stuart Johnston of Edinburgh. They both looked really strong and as they eased ahead I decided to try and stick with them. As the race moved to the uphill section at around 5 miles Stuart had built up a decent lead. Hayley and I were running together and as we came back down the hill onto the main route we received a lot of support from runners going in the opposite direction. OK, most of the shouts were for Hayley but I definitely heard the odd ‘come on Bella!!’ By 7.5 miles we had caught back up with the leader. I felt like I was cruising along and so not content with sitting behind I pushed on up the hill and put a bit of distance between me and the other two runners. As the race wore on I made the fatal mistake of looking behind me at about 9 miles to find they were still a lot closer behind me than I expected. Although I was feeling good, I was starting to doubt whether I could hold them off as I expected them both to finish strongly. There was some great Bella support at around 10 miles and some wise words from Tammy telling me to stay focussed was what I needed. She was right, after all, I felt good and it was them who had to catch me so I decided to up the pace a bit. As I climbed the hill after 11 miles I had another look round and Hayley and Stuart were no longer in sight.

With the pressure off I enjoyed the nice long descent down the hill to mile 12 and then just held a steady pace until the end. I was delighted to take the applause of the decent sized crowd and crossed the line in 1st place for my biggest race win to date. Hopefully there will be more to come. My time of 1:15:09 was a bit slower than I hoped for but I was pleased with the way I raced, managing to change my pace as and when required which is something I have never really had to do before, I am used to just having to try and run as fast as I can for as long as I can!! The only downside about winning was that I missed out on a cool down with team mates, many of who were celebrating a PB.

A great day out and I believe we also won some team prizes as well just to top it all off.

Results http://helensburghaac.co.uk/?attachment_id=6665

West District cross country championships, Sat, 8 December

Report from Gerry

There was a good turnout of Bellas for the west district cross country championships at Ardgowan Estate near Greenock yesterday, 13 guys and 5 girls.

The course was one of the flattest courses I have known but that’s not to say it wasn’t testing, the tricky muddy conditions more than made up for the lack of hills and making it difficult in areas to keep on your feet. Fortunately the overhead conditions were good and much milder than the previous few freezing days.

In the ladies event, over 6.4km, our girls put in a gutsy performance and our team were 7th out of 9 finishing teams. Romy Beard had an excellent run finishing 12th and just 2mins 40 secs behind the winner who is a high quality runner. It was really good to see us getting an improved turnout for the ladies team and we hope to build on this for the National Cross Country at Callendar Park in February.

In the men’s event over 10km our guys put in a strong performance and we were 6th placed team out of 17 as well as 2nd placed men’s team in the vet category. Kieran Docherty was our first home, in an outstanding 16th position.

One point learned from the race is to check the map of the route and look carefully at how the races finishes. As we turned a sharp bend into what I had expected was a final half mile + loop I was hearing shouts of “you’re nearly there”. I didn’t pay too much attention until I got around the corner and could see the finishing line less than 100 yards away. Though great to see the finish line a bit frustrating when you’ve been holding back a little for the final push. Still a great workout.

Full results on the forum and will appear on the SA website

Roll on the National Cross Country and hope to see a large turonout of Bella there.

Frank Sinclair 10k – Sat, 9 June 2012

Report from Bruce

Nine Bellas made the journey out to Gourock for the first running of the Frank Sinclair 10K race on its new route, which promised to be ‘flat and fast’ (don’t they all?).

Registration was at the newly opened Gourock outdoor swimming pool, which looks really good. Poor Jane got a fright at the registration desk when she asked, after being handed number 107, if there was only 100 people running. The answer was ‘no – there’s only 21 people entered so far!’…… Not a good sign!

They ended up with a total of 46 entrants, and before the start on the promenade runners were asked to remember their race numbers, as the rain was starting and the numbers were likely to disintegrate. The route was actually quite nice, out and back along the coast with a wee loop through the park at Lunderston Bay before heading back and was flat as promised. Some km markers might have been useful though! After running what felt like a really good race I was surprised to see my time at the finish was a bit slower than I was hoping for. All of those with Garmins soon confirmed that they had clocked it at 6.33 miles. Ooops! This mistake was acknowledged by the race organisers afterwards and they reckoned they’ll have it right for next year.

The race was won by a country mile by Stephen Trainer of Greenock Glenpark in 32.41, and the Bella results are below, complete with mis-spelt names and thanks to the wonders of excel I have calculated our actual 10k times, just to add to the sense of injustice! I think there’s a few could-have-been-PBs in there:

Pos Name Official Time Unofficial actual 10k time!
2 Bruce Carse 35:07 34:27
5 Craig Reid 35:51 35:10
12 Peter Callaghan 38:48 38:03
17 Alistair Maclachlan 39:49 39:03
18 John Gilhooly 40:01 39:15
32 Christopher Doak 44:59 44:07
34 Jane Wild 45:52 1st Lady 44:59
36 Keith Gibb 46:08 45:15
40 June Winter 47:51 46:56

This would have been a pretty good race if it weren’t so low-key, and a bit on the long side. Easily fixed in the future I’m sure. Still, big well done to Jane for winning the ladies race – you do realise this means you HAVE to go back next year to defend your title?


Scottish road relay’s, Livingston

Six Bella’s headed to Livingston on Saturday, 31 March, for the Scottish Road Relay championships. This is the most important of the road relay events in the running calendar and so it is important for our club to be taking part.

Conditions although overcast at first turned into an afternoon of fine weather and excellent for running.

The men’s event comprises 6 stages, 3 runners covering a short loop of approximately 3.2 miles and 3 runners covering a longer loop of 5.8 miles. For this sort of race you need a bit of self motivation as, beyond the first runner, you can be heading out on your own without anyone to keep pace.

Our team put in a fine performance. We were 22nd out of 46 finishing teams, covering the course in a total time of 2:36:37

Brian O’Donnell 18:59
Bruce Carse 33:45
Rankin Lawther 20:01
Cieran Dougherty 32:55
Gerard Scullion 18:06
Craig Reid 32:51

It’s interesting to note that, last year our first team finished in a time of 2:34:14, just over 2 mins quicker than this year but finished in 8th position out of 43 teams. Entries from some clubs must have been a lot stronger this year.


Report from Gerry

Scottish National XC Championships 2012

7 ladies and 16 men from Bella took on the challenge of the longest cross country race on the race calendar – the National XC championships at Falkirk on Saturday, 18 Feb. As ever, this race attracted pretty much all of the best runners in the country, so competition was fierce throughout the pack.

The ladies had the pleasure of a snow storm as they lined up for their start, but that was quickly forgotten one they got stuck into all the hills and mud. The race was won by defending champion Freya Murray and the Bella ladies came in 11th team overall out of 28 teams:

68 Romy Beard Bellahouston RR 36:03
70 Claire Wharton Bellahouston RR 36:10
83 Elsie Downham Bellahouston RR 36:53
98 Emma Bryson Bellahouston RR 37:08
101 Ciara Baxter Bellahouston RR 37:18
111 Julia Harris Bellahouston RR 37:51
141 Sarah Gillies Bellahouston RR 39:46
11th Bellahouston RR (319) 68,70,83,98

The men’s race was also won by a defending champion – Derek Hawkins. Bella men’s team managed 9th place overall out of 33 teams:

42 Kieran Docherty Bellahouston RR 43:34
70 Greig Glendinning Bellahouston RR 45:19
96 Russell Whittington Bellahouston RR 46:25
104 Craig Reid Bellahouston RR 46:37
115 Mark Johnston Bellahouston RR 47:02
142 Scott Kennedy Bellahouston RR 48:10
159 Gerard Scullion Bellahouston RR 48:48
165 Bruce Carse Bellahouston RR 49:02
179 Grant MacDonald Bellahouston RR 49:18
205 Thomas O’Connell Bellahouston RR 50:05
291 Gordon Clements Bellahouston RR 53:01
295 Andrew Hardman Bellahouston RR 53:05
305 Barry Edwards Bellahouston RR 53:35
364 John Newlands Bellahouston RR 56:04
393 Alex Lawther Bellahouston RR 57:24
443 Chris Brotherston Bellahouston RR 1:00:37
9th Bellahouston RR (569) 42,70,96,104,115,142

My personal favourite bit was the Trench of Doom(?) at the far end of the golf course, which was not unlike falling into a big hole and trying to scramble out the other side, times three.

And to top it all off, our own Bryan Burnett provided the live commentary on the day, displaying his usual shameless bias to cheer on all the Bellas taking part – thanks Bryan!

A great day out with some brilliant performances – well done everyone.


Report from Bruce

Jack Crawford 10k

A great turnout at yesterdays Jack Crawford 10k. A total of 29 Bella’s taking part, and some good performances in less than ideal conditions. A stiff and chilly wind, plenty of mud and puddles, and the infamous canal path. With a much bigger field this year (347 participants, compared to 262 last year) meant passing on this narrow course was more important than ever, and no doubt frustrated a few ambitions for pushing PB’s or gaining positions. 

Certainly a great set of results at the front of the pack from Andy, Greig, Alasdair, Liam and Bryan, but no details as yet on whether a team prize was taken. 

Norman, Ian and Tom certainly continue to battle it out in the vets championship, with a complete mirror of positions from their Nigel Barge results. Tom took the well deserved honours this week, leading the group throughout. A surge from Norman in the last stretch of the course just wasn’t quite enough. 

Special mention also to Lynne Andrew. Great to see her back running again after her operation last year, and I’m sure I speak for everybody in saying we look forward to seeing you back at the club again soon! 

See also:

2008/09 Club Championship

With the new Club Championship season already under way, we thought best to update you with the details! The Championships are there for EVERYONE to take part in. So make it your challenge to complete the criteria, you will be motivated to get out there and race, and see how you progress from last year! 

How does it work? 

There are 23 championship races each for men and women, spread throughout the year, starting with the Brampton to Carlisle 10 Miler in November 08 and finishing with the Great Scottish Run 10K/HM in September 09. Points are awarded for each race you complete, based on your official finish time and recognised scoring tables. The faster you run the more points you earn.  

Each race is classified as Short, Medium or Long. To fulfil the Championship qualifying criteria, you must complete at least 8 races in total…comprising 2 short, 2 long and 2 medium PLUS any other 2 from the list. At least one of the long races MUST be a half marathon.  This might mean that you have to run a new distance or stretch yourself to complete the criteria – why not use the 

Championship as an incentive to achieve a new goal this year? Please submit your race times on the message board following each Championship race. The points total from your 8 qualifying best-scoring (fastest) race times will be ranked against your club-mates, with updates as the year progresses.   


EVERYONE who completes the Championship criteria will be awarded a special Club Championship memento! Prizes will be awarded to the overall Club Champions i.e. the highest scoring male and female from either senior or vet category (35+ for women and 40+ for men as of 1st January 2009). The winner of each category takes home the annual Club trophy. The first 3 senior men and women overall PLUS the first male and female vets in each age category will win prizes as shown below.  

The details
The full details are available here. A printed copy of this information will be available for all club members. In the meantime, best of luck, and get racing! 

Nick and Carla