Bellahouston Road Runners was established in 1999 with the intention of promoting running and fitness for all. Since 2000 the Club has been based in the relative luxury of Glasgow Ski Centre in Bellahouston Park, where it has gone from strength to strength with its membership growing to more than 200.

Recent years have seen the Club become increasingly prominent on the local athletics scene with huge turnouts at events such as the Great Scottish Run and the Glasgow Women’s 10K. Both our women’s and men’s teams have been very successful in recent years participating in and winning events across the country.

While our top runners have performed magnificently, it is the growth in its core membership and the improvement in all its runners in which the Club has had its greatest success; we pride ourselves on our membership, which comes from all backgrounds, and our ability to cater for a wide range of runners from the more competitive to those who just enjoy running. All members actively support each other’s efforts and achievements. No matter what their level, the Club looks to develop the abilities of ALL its members.

We run two coached training nights per week, regularly getting between 40 and 100 people attending. These sessions are organised to help our runners achieve their personal goals. There are also more informal training runs at the weekend ranging from easy long distance runs to challenging hill and cross country routes.

The Club has a very active social side with regular outings that include training camps, “big bus” trips to races such as the Millport 10-miler and the occasional invasion of Mull for it’s half marathon! However, it’s not all training and races! Like true athletes we also organise regular formal and informal outings to local restaurants and bars!

Whatever the sporting or social interests of its members, Bellahouston Road Runners does its best to cater for their needs.