Dumbarton 10K, 29/5/14

There was another great turn out from the club, with at least 33 Bellas turning out for this 3rd race in the Polariod series (and all imprtant club champioship race). We didn’t quite manage the PB rush of last week at Clydebank, but there were plenty of good perfromances.

The starters has forgotten their gun, so we had to make do with a hand clap and a shout of ‘go’.
With the first 50m or so on a soft grassy playing field there was a bit of carnage at the start with a few fallers as everyone bunched together to get round the first tight bend. One runner beside me complained he got a dead leg – as he tried to hurdle someone on the ground he’d whacked his head with his leg – not sure the poor guy on the ground would have seen it that way!

The course was pretty flat on the way out to the turn point at about 4K at which point a nice slingshot round a fencepost had us running back towards the start/finish area. So it was back along the cycle path but in a change to last year’s course the route twisted and turned through the houses which was fine, but without 8 and 9km markers I had no idea how far away the finish was. Oscar was cheering us on at the 2nd last corner, then once the finish line was in sight (at last!) it was one last push for the line. Back to the soft grass for the last 50m

Tewoldebeberhen Mengisteab (Shettleston) won the race in a fantastic 29.46. Bella highlights include a good few PBs, yet another top 10 finish for Bruce Carmichael, and 3rd mens team prize (Bruce Carmichael, Bruce Carse, Russell Whittington). Good work by David Archibald too, who threw out the rule book and ran a 10K PB 4 days after his Edinburgh marathon.

We should also say a big thanks to Kenny and Andrew Hardman (and others?) who helped Julia McDonald across the line and over to the ambulance people after having a bit of wobble on the finishing straight. I didn’t witness it myself but thankfully Julia seemed fine by home time.

Well done everyone, and let me know if missed out anyone’s PB asterisk below:

Position Athlete Name Gender Category Chip Time
14 Bruce CARSE M SEN 00:33:44 *
17 Russell WHITTINGTON M V40 00:34:07
20 Iain BURNS M SEN 00:34:21 *
32 Nick REID M SEN 00:35:04
47 GERARD SCULLION M V40 00:35:43
78 Alastair MACLACHLAN M V50 00:38:01
88 Hamish BARBOUR M V50 00:38:18
98 Frans ROELOFSE M V50 00:38:51
110 JIM ROBINSON M V50 00:39:34
135 Ann ROBIN F SEN 00:40:27 *
139 LOUISE ROSS F SEN 00:40:29 *
168 MARY SENIOR F V40 00:41:18
197 Tom MCMILLAN M V60 00:42:12
213 Camilla SIMS F SEN 00:42:56 *
240 Gerry HANLON M SEN 00:43:46
250 Rose MCROBERT F SEN 00:44:01 *
263 Brian KEENAN M V40 00:44:07
269 Norman BOYLE M V60 00:44:25
277 JANE WILD F V40 00:44:47
283 Kenny MCDONALD M V40 00:44:52
312 Carla WARD F SEN 00:45:41 *
318 Julia MCDONALD F SEN 00:45:52
326 David ARCHIBALD M SEN 00:45:58 *
337 Madeline SMILLIE F V40 00:46:04
345 Lucy MACKAY F V40 00:46:12
388 Maree SHEPHERD F SEN 00:47:30
428 Suzanne MOTHERWELL F SEN 00:48:27
452 Suzie REID F SEN 00:49:26
496 Jill HERBERT F SEN 00:50:45