2020 AGM – Monday, 30th March 2020: NOW CANCELLED

🚨Update: As a result of the COVID-19 situation, the AGM has been cancelled along with club training (see specific announcement). The AGM will be re-arranged later in the year. 🚨

Club members will this week receive formal notification of the club’s 2020 Annual General Meeting. We’re hoping as many members as possible can make it along, after training on Monday 30th March, 2020, in order to support the club. If you don’t receive the email before the end of February, please check your membership, or contact the membership secretary – or another Trustee – if you’re uncertain. Whilst non-members are welcome to attend and listen, only current members will be invited to speak and to cast a vote.

There is more detail and background on the club forum, available to members. A full copy of the 2018-19 Trustees’ Annual Report and accounts is available, and (with addresses redacted) is now available our website.

In summary, as well as a few standard AGM items, such as the financial update from the Treasurer, and the President’s report, the Board are proposing some important motions for members to review, discuss and consider, and cast their vote on:

  • Supporting, in principle, relocation to a new training base within Bellahouston park
  • Supporting and endorsing the Run Equal campaign, with a view to campaigning for full equality of gender at cross-country races. The Board proposes the club adopts the suggested Run Equal motions.
  • Supporting the efforts of the Board to engage with, and help creation of, a cross-country League in the West District of Scotland
  • Reviewing and confirming our annual membership fees. (The Board is proposing these rates will be unchanged)
  • Reviewing and approving the Board’s nominations for members to receive the title of “Honorary Lifetime member
  • Review any member submitted motions that are received (together with two seconders) on or before the 15th March, 2020
  • Reviewing and appointing the Board of Trustees

We’re using a different – but we think convenient and enjoyable – venue this year. This will allow us a bit more time for members to ask questions and engage in the decision making than we had in recent years with a tight venue availability. We also hope it’ll mean everybody gets to sit down. Whilst the Board are invariably pleased to be able to boast say “the club’s AGMs have been standing-room only the last few years!“, we’ve come to realise from our own experiences it’s really only fair, particularly when timing meetings straight after a hard training session, that we really all should have a better chance of a cup of tea and a nice sit down whilst listening to all those exciting motions.

Members who are unable to attend, but wish to be recorded in the Apologies, should contact the club secretary.

The Board look forward to welcoming members on the 30th March to engage with this important annual event for the club.