Tom Scott 10mile race – 11 April 2016

Running conditions were perfect yesterday for the Tom Scott 10 mile race at Strathclyde Park, and there was a large contingent of Bellas competing in this Club Championship race.

Congratulations to Bruce, Greig and Russell who won men’s team National Bronze Medals.  There were also a large number of PBs.

Well done to everyone who took part.  Bellahouston Road Runner Results are shown below, and full results can be found at Runbritain – Tom Scott 2016 results

Tom Scott 10 Mile race 2016 - Bella results
20Bruce CARSE542MaleMSEN00:55:59
26Greig GLENDINNING609MaleMV4000:56:43
28Russell WHITTINGTON885MaleMV4000:56:45
33James MONTGOMERY758MaleMSEN00:57:18
53Timothy MARTIN700MaleMSEN00:59:43
54Andy CAMPBELL532MaleMV4000:59:53
72Alan MOSS761MaleMSEN01:01:22
91Garry PORCH793MaleMSEN01:04:36
108Dave FERGUSON587MaleMSEN1:06:27
118Claire WHARTON878FemaleFV3501:07:27
133Kevin QUEENAN800MaleMV4001:09:01
145Richard LEYTON675MaleMV4001:10:48
164Ross MCGEOCH721MaleMSEN01:13:21
186Graeme PERT789MaleMV5001:16:00
190Christopher DOAK569MaleMSEN01:16:22
192Jane Wild636FemaleFV3501:16:35
203Madeline SMILLIE839FemaleFV3501:18:39
206Stephen BELL512MaleMV6001:18:59
208Julia MCDONALD717FemaleFV3501:19:05
216Leanne MCINTOSH729FemaleFV3501:19:45
226Jacqueline MCGUIRE726FemaleFV3501:21:33
230Maree SHEPHERD833FemaleFSEN01:22:03
253Lynn REID805FemaleFV3501:27:58