Welcome to Bella!

We are one of Scotland’s biggest road and hill running clubs, based in the South Side of Glasgow. Whilst both our men and women are amongst the most successful in the West of Scotland, we encourage runners with a wide range of capabilities to join us, so whatever your goal is you’ll find a warm welcome at Bella.

Our training structure supports runners seeking to improve their running and performances through group training sessions. Please take a look at the Training schedule here, where sessions typically last for 60-90 minutes. If you are just starting out with running, groups like ‘Jog Scotland‘ could be a good starting point

Try Running with us

The club is friendly, welcoming, and very active. So if you have taken up or returned to running and want to improve your fitness, running style or race times (or just to have fun!) then come along to one of our training nights and let us improve your running and social life. You can also have a read of our welcome letter which explains a bit more about what to expect.

Join us!

Be sure to take a look at the news page for the latest on what’s going on, or perhaps check out the photo gallery.

Training Schedule

The full training schedule and rota is available here.

Monday 24/09/2018 6.30pm

Lead coach is Shona and the trustees on duty are Danny and Lynne

Group(s) All groups: 2x2 miles @ HM pace with 2.5 min rec. Bella Park 2 mile loop Group(s) :

Wednesday 26/09/2018 6.30pm

Lead coach is Jonathan and the trustees on duty are Richard and Jane

Group(s) All groups: Parlauf 20 mins (paired 300m). Track Group(s) :

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