Welcome to Bella!

We are one of Scotland's largest adult road running clubs, and are based in the South Side of Glasgow. If you're looking to develop and improve your running, we think we have something to offer you!

For the competitors, our men and women are amongst the most successful in the West of Scotland; if you're seeking to improve and develop, we have a fantastic group training schedule that will help you achieve your goals and targets; and for everybody who has struggled for motivation, we're here right through the year with an active competitive and social calendar to keep you motivated, and have lots of fun along the way.

So, please explore our website, find us on social media, and we look forward to seeing you soon! Details on what to expect if you fancy coming along are on our Try Running with us page.

Award Winning!

We're proud of our recent award wins, with a number of local and national awards – including Scottish Athletics Impact and Innovation Club of the Year 2020. We think this reflects our amazing membership and volunteers, who all contribute so much to making our club a special place to be a member.

Already a member?

Our training schedule is listed below (and at the bottom of every page), and all future events on the “What's on?” page. Remember to join the club forum  (remember to ensure you have a training membership if you're attending training). Join our social media and announcement groups as detailed on the forum (link) – we're on all the main platforms. Don't forget to get in touch with our membership secretary to collect your club vest!

Then start taking part in all the cross country you can handle: Lots of races are included as part of our training membership. Kit yourself out with some of our club kit at Migo sports. Check out the club forum championship category for all the details of our annual competition so you can choose your next big race!

Club Training

We organise formal sessions twice a week (Monday's and Wednesday's) in the south side of Glasgow.

New members are very welcome! Have a poke about this website, and our public social media accounts, to see what we're about. If you like what you see, and fancy popping along, visit our 'Try Running with us' page for details on how to sign up for a few free sessions!

Visiting Glasgow for a short while? We'd love to welcome you along too!

Training schedule

You can see the training schedule and rota available here, and the forthcoming week would have contained the following sessions, should you wish to undertake the session on your own.

Monday 15/08/2022

  • Main session: 5k pace session - 400m/100m Jog/600m/200m Jog/800m/200m Jog/1Km/400m Jog/800m/200m Jog/600m/200m Jog/400m/100m Jog/200m Sprint...... all fast efforts at 5Km Pace
  • Marathon: 20mins Progressive Run. Try to increase the pace by 5secs/mile every 5minutes starting at 5secs SLOWER than Marathon Pace and finishing 10secs Faster than MP (+5s, 0s, -5s, -10s -15s)
  • Meeting venue: Clydesdale Cricket Club

Wednesday 17/08/2022

  • Main session: Tempo session - 20 Min Tempo
  • Marathon: 3 x 1Km/3 Mins at 5Km Pace/90s Jog Recovery
  • Meeting venue: Clydesdale Cricket Club


  • Target: 12 - 18 Miles

Meeting venues for 2022

We're now meeting at Clydesdale Cricket Club on Beaton Road, Glasgow on Monday/Wednesday. During winter months, we meet every third Wednesday at Glasgow Green. We'd suggest members to join our Members forum, or pace-specific Whatsapp Groups where we regularly publish session/meeting details/reminders, including the meeting venue..

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