The Club coaches and leaders work extremely hard to help all of our members improve their running, evidenced by the fact that so many members achieve PBs year after year in events ranging from 800m to marathons and beyond!.

The coaches, led by Gerry Scullion, are responsible for delivering the Club’s training schedules and come rain or shine (or even more rain!) take charge of our three core training groups on Monday and Wednesday evenings. The schedule is formulated by Robert Hawkins (Scottish Athletics National Endurance Manager –  Olympic Pathway).

Our track and other routes are all risk assessed and we have a plethora of experienced runners and members who look out for everyone.


Gerry Scullion - coaching
Gerry Scullion (L2)
Louise Ross - Coach
Louise Ross (L2)
Kevin Queenan
Kevin Queenan (L2)
Jonathan Slow (L2)







Alan Moss (L1)
Charlie Whall (L1)
Katie Mathieson (L1)







Kenny Crawford (L1)
Claire Wharton (L1)
Tom Ferris (L1)







David Lockhart (L1)
Roz Wilson (L1)
Cormack Smith (L1)







Babs Wilson (L1)
Anna Whall (L1)
Steven Lamb (L1)