Road Running

The true staple of our diet, road running forms the majority of both the training and racing schedules of most Club members. In all seasons, you’ll find us out pounding the pavements, so whether it’s snow-swept Winter reps on Mosspark Boulevard or putting in the miles on warm Summer evenings in Pollok Country Park, there’s sure to be plenty of Road Runners to keep you company!

The Club actively encourages participation in road races throughout the year (although the Scottish race calendar is particularly busy in May-June and August-September). At some events, the Road Runners’ presence can be huge, with upwards of 50 purple and white vests on show! Particular favourites of the Club include the Polaroid 10k Series (May/June) and the Great Scottish Run (September) – indeed, our Spring and Summer training schedules usually incorporate these races.

We also take part (and have had some success) in the many road relay events which form part of the road racing calendar. At county, regional and national level we’ve made an impact.

A large number of Road Runners also compete further afield, with many global marathons among the races our members are proud to show off their medals from! The London Marathon is an obvious target for many members and our training groups organise informal Saturday morning training runs throughout the Winter with a view to preparing for this (and other) Spring marathons.

On the roads, our members have competed in events ranging from 1 or 2 miles to ultra-distance events, so rest assured there’s someone in our number with common road running interests and abilities to yourself.

Road running really does provide something for everyone!