Board of Trustees

Our 2017 change to charitable status has brought with it a change to the organisation of the club. We now have a Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees are elected from within the membership at the Annual General Meeting. Their task is to ensure the club is operating appropriately, to its charitable objectives and obligations.

The Board of Trustees consists of the following members, and any designated role/title they currently hold:

ChairRichard Leyton:
Secretary: Susan Wilson:
Treasurer: Kenny Crawford:
Membership Secretary: Roz Wilson:
Public Relations: Danny Phillips:
Jane McNeilly:
Social secretary: Kevin Queenan :
Trustees: Emer Campbell

We’re grateful to members who have served as Trustees or Committee members in previous years, and for members who have or are helping with various roles within the club, including:

Race Director: Michael Lancaster. Email:
Team Managers: Leanne McIntosh, Bryan Mulgrew . Email:
Lead Coach: Gerry Scullion