Privacy policy

This page aims to set out – in hopefully a readily readable way – the main reasons we take
  • our member’s personal details, and how we use them and when we share them, and how to get in touch with us if you have questions or concerns.
  • race entrants personal details, when entering events that we organise.

Who we are

We are Bellahouston Road Runners. We are a registered charity (SC047300), and our purpose is to try and make our part of Glasgow, and particularly our members and the community we’re a part of, a healthier place, and to offer a supportive environment for our members to be fit and active through running. We do this through structured training sessions for members, and by organising events through the year.

How we use our members’ personal data

In order for us to operate as a club and charity we need to collect personal information from our members, including name, address, phone number, email address, emergency contact details, certain qualifications members hold (coaching licenses, first aid etc), membership numbers for organisations to which we are affiliated, principally Scottish Athletics, and some technical details we may capture (such as IP address).

We do all this under a few formal basis, specifically contractually (under the contract members have with us, so we can operate as a club), legitimate interests (we’d like to let you know about races and so on), and legal obligations (as a charity, we must maintain a register of our members). The full details are in our full privacy policy, which will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees in advance of the 25th May.


We only keep your data for as long as we feel we need to. We’ll be deleting most personal data for former members after a couple of years, but we’ll hold on to some for a longer so we can maintain a historical register of members, or in case of claims or queries.

How we use race entrants’ personal data

In order for us to operate as a race organiser we need to collect personal information from entrants, including name, address, date of birth, phone number, email address, emergency contact details, affiliation details, and some technical details (such as IP address).

When organising a race, we do all this under the contractual legal basis that entrants enter in to for us to operate the race, and legal obligations legal basis (as a part of our insurance and event permits).

We gather/use this information in order that we can stage the event (operate chip timing, notify entrants of event specifics, follow-up after the event), and so that we can work with organisations and companies we contract to help stage the event (ie. our chip timing supplier, and our online entry supplier).

You may withdraw your consent to some elements of this (our contacting you via email), but not others (we must share your details with our insurers, and the chip timing company). You can opt-out of the emails we send directly, or contact in advance.


We only keep race entrant data for as long as we feel we need to. We will retain email addresses on mailing lists, consent for which may be withdrawn at any time by unsubscribing. We retain your name and result indefinitely as a record of the event. We will delete personal data for race entrants after 2 years.

Contacting us

You can at any time exercise your rights by writing to us at Please ensure you use the subject ‘Subject access request’.