The club forum is the online meeting place for club members, and every member is encouraged to take part. Find out about changes to training schedules, forthcoming races, weekend run plans, lifts to races, and all about the next social event.

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Reset password

If you have problems logging in, or have forgotten your password, please follow the ‘Forgotten password’ process by clicking here. You’ll then receive an e-mail containing a link and a candidate new password. Be sure to click the link to actually reset your password! If you don’t click the link, the password in the e-mail does not activate, and your old (forgotten) password remains in place!

If you’re still experiencing problems, be sure you’re not relying on your browsers password history after having changed it – so be sure to enter your password manually. Also try clearing your ‘cookies’ for the board, try an alternative browser (try Firefox perhaps), or even a different computer if possible. If all that doesn’t help, please contact giving as much detail as you can. Don’t include your password though: You should never need to divulge your passwords.

Request an account

If you’re already a member, or have just joined and submitted your membership form, register on the forum by clicking on the register link. Please use an account name of FirstnameLastname. Your account will be activated once we’ve heard from the membership secretary that your application has been received. If we can’t identify who you are from your account name, it may take longer. If you don’t get your activation e-mail after a week or two, drop a note to or speak to a committee member on a club night.