Join Us!

We know joining a club can be a bit daunting, but we’re a friendly and welcoming bunch, and always delighted to see new faces. Training nights are based at Glasgow Club Nethercraigs at this address:

Glasgow Club Nethercraigs
355 Corkerhill Road, Glasgow G52 1RR
0141 287 3436

Nethercraigs is just opposite Corkerhill train station.  See our Running pages for up to date information on when we meet, and and review our typical training schedule to ensure it’s suitable for you, outlined here.  The minimum age for joining our club is 18.

What to expect

We’re a friendly bunch, but we know it’s always a bit daunting coming along to something for the first time. Aim to get to Nethercraigs for about 6.20pm and be ready to run for 6.25pm. The staff at the front desk will direct you to where we meet, usually just behind the counter. Find the trustees taking fees (you can now see their names on the front page training schedule): but speak to anybody who looks like a runner, and they’ll point you in the right direction! Don’t forget a £1 coin to use one of the lockers.

Somebody will explain the setup to you (or have a read of our welcome letter). Your first four sessions are free, and you’re invited to become a member after a few weeks (or sooner if you prefer). See below for a note on our membership fees when you’re ready to join us.

You’ll be introduced to a coach or club member, and they’ll explain what session is planned for your group. Speak to any other runners too: We’re always happy to explain the subtleties of the session if you’re unsure. We all congregate in the meeting room at 6.30pm for announcements and race results, you’ll be introduced, and then we head off for a run or training session. We’re usually back between 7.30 and 8, although that very much depends on the session.

How to get there

Please use the Traveline Scotland website to decide what is the best transport option for you.

Nethercraigs is just opposite Corkerhill railway station.

The postcode for Glasgow Club Nethercraigs is G52 1RR.

Becoming a member

After a few sample sessions to make sure we suit, we’d invite you to join the club. We’ve introduced a new membership fees structure in 2018 (changing from a nightly cash payment), to a subscription, which can either be paid monthly (via direct debit) or annually (via direct debit, card or bank transfer).

Click here to select a Bella Subscription

Membership is made up of a small membership fee, and a contribution towards the operational costs of the club (room hire, coaching courses, etc etc), typically based on how much training you do with us. Prices start from £3.95 per month (excluding our even lower concessions rates), which we think makes us one of the best value running clubs in Glasgow. You can even save a bit if you pay annually.

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