Charitable status

We’re a charity

Bellahouston Road Runners is a charity. We are a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), and registered on the Scottish Charity Register. Our charity number is SC047300.

Our club constitution is available here.

Our charitable purpose is essentially to make our part of Glasgow, our members, and the community we’re a part of, a healthier and supportive place to be fit and active through running, and we hope to develop that purpose into the future (see below)


In 2015, at the suggestion of Scottish Athletics, the committee of the club began a process of reviewing it’s constitution and legal status to ensure it was suitable for the club.

Motions were put to the club’s members in the 2016 AGM to apply for, and transition to a SCIO Charity, and they were unanimously passed. In April 2017 we received our SCIO status, and as of 8th May 2017 the club switched to this constitution. This put the club in strong position, and helps protect both its members, and the members who sit on the board of trustees, as we develop the club.


At our 2018 AGM members adopted a new strategy for the club, part of which looks to expand on what we do, impact and offer to the local community in which we’re based. We’re looking forward to developing this in the coming months and years.