The Committee

The club is now a charity, and has adopted a new constitution. The details of the new board of trustees are detailed on separate page, but will eventually replace this page entirely.

The old club had defined roles, outlined below. Preserved here for reference.



• To represent the best interest of the Club and further these in accordance with the wishes of the Club Members.
• To promote the Club internally and in the wider community.
• To chair the meetings of the Club Committee and the Annual General Meeting, ensuring that the formal procedures and agenda of the meetings are adhered to.
• To summarise decisions made at Committee meetings and ensure these are accurately minuted.
• To agree the agendas for meetings with the Club Secretary, ensuring all relevant issues raised by Committee members or other members of the club are dealt with appropriately.
• To lead the Committee, ensuring where possible contributions to discussions from all Committee members lead to consensus decisions and where they do not to have power of casting vote if this is required to deliver a majority.
• To be approachable by any Club member and be able to deal with or redirect to another Committee member all points of enquiry.
• Be a joint signatory for the release of Club funds.
• Be the main spokesperson for the Club on issues of public interest, as agreed by the Committee and with advice from the Public Relations Adviser.

Vice President

• To deputise for the President in their absence, including taking over the chair, until the next Annual General Meeting, if the President resigns or is removed for any reason.
• Work to promote the Club internally and in the wider community.
• Chair Committee meetings in the absence of the President, and handle any situation that would normally be required to be dealt with by the President.
• To represent the best interests of the Club and further these in accordance with the wishes of the Club members.
• Alongside the President, the Vice President will act as a spokesperson for the Club on issues of public interest, as agreed by the Committee and with advice from the Public Relations Adviser.
• Any other roles required by the committee

Club Secretary

• To support the administration of the Club Committee and its associated activities.
• Agree agendas for Club Committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting with the Club President, and issue to Committee members and other Club members as appropriate.
• To service these meetings as minute Secretary and to issue minutes in time for agreement at subsequent meetings.
• To provide an address and contact for all correspondence to and from the Club, including receipt of information from SAF, notification of races, etc.
• To complete and submit annual registrations to SAF, etc. on behalf of the Club.
• Participate as a Committee member in the overall organisation of the Clubs affairs.
• Any other roles required by the committee


• Management of Club finances and advice on all business proposals/plans.
• Maintain accurate records of all receipts and expenditures associated with the Club.
• Maintain the bank reconciliation and ensure the Club does not overdraw on the funds available to it.
• To ensure all expenditure incurred accords with the policies and procedures of the Club and has appropriate authorisation of the Committee and bank signatories as appropriate.
• To organise the regular collection of annual membership subscriptions and of weekly stripping fees.
• To prepare a monthly income and expenditure summary and bank balance statement for presentation to the Committee.
• To prepare a set of Annual Accounts and make these available for audit prior to presentation at the Annual General Meeting.
• To provide support to the Committee on all aspects of financial planning, business cases, etc.
• Any other roles required by the committee

Membership Secretary

• To maintain an accurate record of Club members with current contact details.
• To maintain the Club membership roll and verify details on an annual basis at time of subscription renewal.
• To provide information as required to the Committee (specifically to the Public Relations Adviser, Treasurer and Secretary) to facilitate communication to members.
• To support the Club Committee in the efficient organisation of the Clubs affairs.
• Any other roles required by the committee

Social Convenor

• To promote and co-ordinate social events for Club members.
• To ensure that all social events organised by the Club are in response to the requirements of members and uphold the standing of the Club.
• To co-ordinate, with support from other Committee members the social arrangements around the Clubs participation in various races or other running club events.
• To build a network of support from Club members who may be able to assist in organising various events throughout the year.
• To encourage Club members to make new friends within the Club and provide support through various social opportunities for such friendships to develop.
• To liaise, with the providers of various facilities, when planning the organisation of events.
• To publicise all planned social events through the Public Relations Adviser, using the Newsletter, Website, announcements on training nights, etc.
• To plan all social events on a self-financing basis unless authorised by the Club Committee.
• Any other roles required by the committee

Public Relations Adviser

• To provide a communications and public relations support to the Club to ensure members, and where appropriate, the public are kept informed of all Club activities, Committee plans and decisions and other matters of interest.
• To promote the Club through the media at opportunities where Club members have excelled or where the club has been successful.
• To issue regular news to Club members (newsletters, website, etc.).
• To advise the Club Committee on all aspects of public relations and communication (both internal and external).
• Any other roles required by the committee

Ladies/Mens Captains

• To provide leadership and organisation of running teams in events that the Club has entered and encourage Club members to participate in running at the level they wish.
• To organise the Clubs participation in road, hill and cross country races (including relays).
• To co-ordinate transport arrangements in conjunction with other Committee members to various events for both runners and supporters.
• To assist the coaches in planning training programmes/schedules to provide structure, to meet the needs of Club members, and to fit the schedule of races to be supported by the Club at any time.
• To determine which members are to receive awards resulting from the annual Club Championship.
• Any other roles required by the committee

Race Director

• To lead the planning and delivery of races and events as required
• Coordinate discussions between all relevant parties, which may include sponsors, venues, local authorities – including race permits, Scottish Athletics – including race permits, other athletics clubs and organisations, club members and athletes.
• Encourage participation and support from committee and non-committee members to help stage any races or events.
• Any other roles required by the committee

Welfare Officer

• To provide support to the committee and members on all matters relating to welfare, safety and well-being.
• The Welfare Officer will establish and ensure policies and procedures are updated as required, to promote safety and guidance for all club members, including emergency and first aid procedures.
• Maintain a register of qualified first aid trained individuals
• To ensure compliance with the Scottish Athletics and UK Athletics Welfare Policy and procedures.
• To ensure all members including coaches understand and have agreed to the scottishathletics Codes of Conduct.
• To maintain CRB disclosure or PVG scheme membership as appropriate for all coaches.
• To establish and maintain complaints procedures, and also report all incidents promptly where appropriate to UKA.
• To ensure that in the event of any complaint, the club procedures are followed through to final decision.
• Any other roles required by the committee

Coaching Convenor

The Coaching Convenor position is not a position that is filled as a result of voting as per the Club Constitution and as a result it is not one of the official committee positions available. The person fulfilling the role, is normally a volunteer who has a keen interest in the coaching side of the Club. This person forms the link between the Club Committee and the various coaches serving the Club. The person can arrange meetings with the coaches to provide Committee feedback, discuss various coaching issues and advise the Committee on coaching proposals.

Club Ambassador (specifically for arranging volunteers)

This role is mainly fulfilled by the Public Relations Advisor, as mentioned above. In most cases to date, where the Club requires the assistance of volunteers for road races, cross country races, other organisations races and Club functions, the three main outlet’s that  the Club has for the recruiting of volunteers are:
1. Advertising on the Club Forum
2. Making public announcements to members on the weekly training nights.
3. Advertising on the Club notice board within the Clubhouse.

The Club has had a great response over the past years when calling for volunteers and they have served the Club well at all events.