Lairig Ghru Hill Race 2010

Brendan sent in another great race report from yesterday’s Lairig Ghru hill race:

Brendan, taken by Peter Diender,
Brendan in full flight, taken by Peter Diender,

The 2010 Lairig Ghru race took place yesterday (Sunday 28/6/10). The race runs from Braemar to Aviemore across the Cairngorms and the Lairig Ghru pass. The route starts with a gentle rise out of Braemar along quiet road towards the stunning Mar Lodge, from there its on to landrover tracks for a few miles until you get to Derry lodge which is about 9 miles in. At this point you get on to a good mountain path which rises up and over the Lairig Ghru pass, its about another 7 miles before you get to the top of the pass and the boulder fields.
The boulder field feels like it is massive, it stretches for about 2 miles, it has rocks that are considerably bigger than Jane Simpson, which was quite amusing, especially when she started to do a great impression of Muttley, couldn’t see her, could just hear her “shuggin, fuggin, stupid rocks, boulder field ar$e”. The rocks are also quite violent and frequently “jump” anyone that stops paying attention for any length of time… Cue a comedy fall where I end up headfirst down a banking on my back looking like a turtle trying to get myself the right way up.

After the boulder field it’s a technical rocky downhill path for about. 2 miles to the top of the forest at Rothiemurchus, no sooner had we entered the forest than I got jumped by possibly the smallest bit of tree root in the Cairngorms, Jane did well to stifle her laughs as i face planted on the forest paths… thanks. Through the forest and on to Coylumbridge where you rejoin the main road and head for Aviemore police station and the finish. We had a nice strong finish averaging just over 7 mins a mile for the last 6 of the 28.

We both finished in 4:35:38 (ish)

More details of the route can be found at, and the map at

A cracking race, stunning views of the cairngorms and really good mixed running ( although road shoes are fine for it).

Well done to Jane on completing her first marathon somewhere in amongst the 28 miles that we covered yesterday.

Special thanks to Peter Diender for the picture, and permission to use. Check out his other pictures from the event here.