Club runners at training

Try Running with us

We’re a friendly, welcoming, and very active club, and are ideal for regular, adult (18+) runners.

If you’re looking to develop your running, we have a group training structure that we hope will really help you achieve your goals and ambitions.

If you’re looking for support and motivation through a Scottish winter (or summer!), or just after some variety and company for your runs, that’s us too!

If you’re looking for competition, our main membership fees include all the cross-country and relay events you can handle, we have varied club competitions, championships and races, plus we’re nationally competitive at various levels and age groups.

To find out how our club works have a read of our welcome letter, which goes through a bit more about what to expect, what level we’re best suited to, and how we break out our training groups so everybody runs with people their own pace.

If you plan to pop along, just visit our online system and select “Free/trial membership, and follow the checkout process, which enables you to provide us with you emergency contact details, then pop along to training (details of our session, and where we meet, are on the front page of our website), and introduce yourself to whomever is on duty.

Entirely new to running? Just recently started? We’d perhaps first suggest starting out with the popular coach25k programme, or finding a nearby Jog Scotland group. When you’re comfortable running for over an hour, or perhaps your 10k time is below 60 minutes, do please give us a try, or if you’re not sure, drop us an email!.

Remember, your first few weeks are free, just select the ‘Free/trial membership“. If you’re enjoying the training, then we’d ask you to become a training member of the club.

Join us!

Be sure to take a look at the news page, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @bellaroadrunner for the latest on what’s going on.

If you’ve any questions or still aren’t sure about something, please drop us a line, or ping us on social media.