Two Breweries

John Milligan sent in this report about a jog in the country he took part in yesterday:

This is the story of 7 brave Bellas who entered the 19 mile race through hell known as the Two Breweries

Of the 7 who entered only 6 made the start, death intervened for the 7th (un)lucky runner – not his own. 

Of the 6 who started 2 ran the race finishing in the first 20 Kenny 16th 3.07 Mark J 17th 3.09. 

The other 4 barely survived their journey to the battlefields of Peebles. I was next Bella in 4.25 closely followed by Alan S in 4.28. Dave Boyle made it home in 4.33 with John S dipping the line inside the 5hr cut off. 

Big thanks to the support crew/drivers Nikki, Sally, Sandra & Tracy without whose support, Lucozade and freshly peeled Mars Bars etc we would never have survived. 

Bring on the Man or Mouse I might be able to move again by then!