Pollok parkrun – 25th June 2016 – Club championship event

A fantastic turnout of 46 club members, with a few past and present club members also volunteering, meant there was a big Bella presence at the 385th Pollok parkrun. After an epic downpour earlier in the morning, there were great conditions for the run itself.

Some super performances, including first male (Russell Whittington, 17:14) and female (Ann Robin, 19:40), and an impressive 10 course PB’s too.

Bella results below. Full results for the event available on the Pollok parkrun results page.

The next event in the club championship is the Girvan Half marathon (10th July). The next short distance event is the Irvine 5 mile road race (17th July).

Gender Position  
Run Time  
11Russell WHITTINGTON00:17:14
99Garry PORCH00:18:59
1515Henry MERRIWEATHER00:19:34
161Ann ROBIN00:19:40
1817Derek RIGMAND00:19:42
2221Jim ROBINSON00:19:45
2120Alan MOSS00:19:45
2423Alastair John MACLACHLAN00:19:57
2825David FERGUSON00:20:08
324Louise ROSS00:20:28
3329Christopher LOGUE00:20:38
345Mhairi HILL00:20:40
377Shona DONNELLY00:20:53
4134David HULSE00:21:09
478Claire Helen WHARTON00:21:28
5344Graeme PERT00:21:42
5950Keith GIBB00:21:49
6354David LOCKHART00:21:55
6610Judith MACGREGOR00:21:59
7412Jane MCNEILLY00:22:15
8572Scott MCCUE00:22:32
9916Leanne MCINTOSH00:23:19
10317Lynsey HILL00:23:27
10789Brian YOUNG00:23:38
11293Will MOIR00:23:45
11520Jane WILD00:23:47
12521Julie VINTER00:23:59
14127Roz WILSON00:24:33
14228Louise GRAY00:24:36
14530Chi My TA00:24:40
15333Elizabeth HUGHES00:24:51
154121Stephen Macdougall BELL00:24:52
164131Danny PHILLIPS00:25:08
16634Alison BROWN00:25:16
17137Mandy MORGAN00:25:25
177139Graeme MCNAY00:25:30
17839Jane GALT00:25:31
18241Louise MCNICOL00:25:41
183142Stephen HARRIS00:25:45
18442Nicola BARRINGTON00:25:51
19645Sarah-Jane KISSOCK00:26:17
21050Terry NIMMO00:26:46
21554Anne CAMPBELL00:27:01
27781Lynne GOLDIE00:29:14
29489Kirsty PATRICK00:30:00
387245Edward MURPHY00:34:46