Bellahouston Mob Match: 4th March 2017, at Pollok parkrun

We’re really excited to bring details of the new Bellahouston Mob match – a fun and friendly inter-club challenge on March 4th 2017 between ourselves and the Harriers. We really hope members of both clubs (and their family and friends!) will come along and have fun on the day, then join everybody back at Cartha for some post-run prizes and fun.

Bellahouston Mob Match is on! The Road Runners vs The Harriers!

This is a brand new club event for 2017. Both clubs need to get as many runners to the start line as possible.

You pitch up at Pollok parkrun on 4th March. Run 5K, fast. Finish as high up the field as you can. Scan your barcode. Then join everyone back at the Cartha, for the after run fun.

How does it work?

• Turn up ready to run the Pollok parkrun Saturday 4 March. Wear your club vest so that you can be easily identified.

• Run the Pollok parkrun. Trying to finish as high up the field as possible. Your only job is to beat the Harrier in front of you. But watch out behind, there’s a Harrier chasing you!

• After finishing parkrun, show your finish token to the Bellahouston Road Runner volunteer (who will be standing beside the barcode scanners), they will take note of your name and placing. You should then go and register as normal if you want your parkrun result.

• All placings will be added up.

• We will count the lowest club attendance, minus three. So, if we have 50 runners and the Harriers have 45, then the first 42 places will be counted in each team. (That’s the Harriers attendance (45), minus 3. Equals 42. You still with me!?)

• The club with the least number of points will win the prestigious Mob Match Trophy……until the 2018 return of the mob match.

After the race we will join the Harriers at the Cartha Rugby Club for food, drinks and prizegiving where we can all make our excuses for not running down that final hill as fast as we could have.

If you can, please come along. Every runner counts! There’s no gender, age, or entry requirements. If you are a club member turn up and give it a go. You just have to beat the Harrier in front of you while not losing to the Harrier behind you.

This event is designed to be all inclusive. It’s a race. A good ol’ mob match. And hopefully something to give everyone in both clubs some motivation to really attack that parkrun course.

Family & friends are more than welcome, both to run with us, and to join us back at the Cartha, or if you don’t fancy running, pop your name down to help volunteer on the day.

Bellahouston Mob Match is on!

Event: Mob Match Bellahouston Road Runners vs Bellahouston Harriers
Where: Pollok parkrun which starts and ends at the Burrell
When: Saturday 4 March 2017 at 9.30am
After party: The Cartha Rugby Club, 92 Dumbreck Road, Glasgow, G41 4SN
Who: All members, family and friends.

Want to find out more?

We’ve been inspired by reading about historical mob matches, and whilst inter-club races used to take place in Glasgow, they’ve faded in recent years. Both our clubs thought it’d be a fun thing to try, to also settle who has bragging rights for a year or so 🙂

We’re really delighted and excited by the interest being shown by other clubs in the Glasgow area too. We hope you’ll come along and see how it goes to perhaps see about your own Mob match with a nearby club (or us!?).