2018 AGM – summary

Many thanks to the many members who came along to last week’s AGM, and helped support the club. We’re absolutely delighted by the attendance, and think it might even be a first to have standing room only! It certainly reflects well on the club to have so many engaged, passionate and interested members. Well done and many thanks to you all!

Copies of the slides, and a breakdown of the key decisions reached (full minutes will be available in due course), have now been posted on the club forum for members to access. But a ‘summary of the summary’ amounts to:

  • Procedural motions to review and accept previous minutes, presented finances were accepted.
  • The club strategic plan was presented, and accepted.
  • The proposed adjustment to membership fees, allowing the club to dispense with stripping fees, and introduce a fees structure supporting concessions, and more flexible payment methods and schedules, was accepted. There’s no immediate change, as we’ll be moving forward with this later in the year: We will post details as we proceed with the implementation.
  • We said a big thank you to trustees standing down, and welcomed new members as trustees to help take the club forward.

Lots of great questions, suggestions and comments were made by members, and we hope to ensure those are properly considered as we take the key proposals forward. Members do please speak to any of the Board of Trustees with any questions, or post a note on the forum.

The new board are all looking forward to getting started with taking the club forward with it’s new strategic plan.

If you’re interested in becoming a member (or rejoining if you’ve lapsed), please pop along to training one evening for a chat! Lots of details on our website!