Scottish Half Marathon – 19 Sep 2015 – Bella Results

There was “Sunshine on LeithMusselburgh” last Sunday for the second ever Scottish Half Marathon, and the penultimate race in the Club Championship. Nine Bellas took part and earned themselves possibly the biggest race medal ever created. After spending some time scouring the provisional results, the times are shown below.
Well done to everyone who took part. Do let us know if we’ve missed anyone or you need a PB trophy added.

Scottish Half Marathon 2015 - Bella Results

Iain Burns1:21:42MSEN20
Chris Bell1:31:33MSEN113
Claire Wharton1:32:55FFV40133
Katie Mathieson1:34:42FFV40163
Henry Merriweather1:35:44MMV40189
Paul Mcgunnigle1:36:03MSEN198
Shona Donnelly1:39:05FFV40273
Madeline Smillie1:45:25FFV40494
David Ferguson1:46:56MSEN563

Full results will appear on after a week or so.

Photo from Maddie