13 Good Things about the Stirling 10k

Danny just put together a list of ’13 Good Things about the Stirling 10K’. We needed to share, so you all know what they are….

  1. It’s Flat
    It’s true to its word. My Garmin says the elevation gain is 43 metres. That means those of you who live in a house probably climb something like this going to bed. Those who live in a flat, I suppose it depends what floor you live on, but you get my point. It’s not Sherbrooke hills
  2. Van with real coffee machine
    Parked right near the start. It had a van with a built in proper coffee machine. We arrived early and got espressos, cappuccinos, and americanos (easier to get your heart rate up than doing strides). Richard got a snickers bar.
  3. Lots of Bellas
    Twenty in all. We had a great time. Where were you?
  4. You got half a pint of milk at the end (instead of a medal although see point 7)
    Means you don’t have to stop on the way home to get milk. Or you could drink it as the perfect recovery drink it is. (Check the ingredients of those expensive recovery drinks – they are just milk, with unhealthy stuff added). And lets face it you have too many medals hanging all over the place. Milk is better.
  5. Harry entertained us with his superhero impersonations.
    Kenny and Julia brought Harry. Harry is 3 years old. He is a superhero. Be like Harry.
  6. It’s the Scottish 10k championship too
    True. It is. It’s also in the Bella Roadrunner Club Champs.
  7. Bella ladies win Scottish medals. Again.
    Our ladies brought back the bounty. Louise Ross and Emer Campbell picked up National Silver and Bronze medals in the V40 category and Shona Donnelly won V50 Bronze. Bella men ran too.
  8. Bella’s got PBs
    Hard training pays off. Also see point 1. And in Richard’s case also see point 2. Richard and Sarah Jane both got a 10k PB.
  9. Purple arch at the start
    Roz liked the purple arch. Roz is mara training so she paced Sara-Jane. Be like Roz.
  10. Good weather
    It was a bit windy but sometimes it was behind you. (Ok, Ok, no it wasn’t. You always had a head wind even though we changed direction all the time). And it was surprisingly humid conditions. But it did not rain until we all finished. So I suppose weather was OK. Maybe fix the weather.
  11. Well organised
    There are no queues for the toilets (well only a small queue sometimes), there are more toilets in the sports centre, it had just the right amount of runners, there are loads of marshals and they are really nice, staff in the sport centre were helpful, you can park very close to the start, the finish line is really well organised, It’s not crowded, did I mention you get milk no medal, although Shona, Louise and Emer did.
  12. Scenery is nice
    There is a bit when you are running down a straight track and you can see the Wallace Monument straight in front of you. Later you can see Stirling Castle in the distance, you also run along the meandering River Forth. And across a nice wee bridge. Even running through the suburbs is Ok. Some of the streets are quite nice.
  13. Greggs on the way home
    Yep. We did. Me and Roz. Cheese and onion, and veggie bakes, with more coffee and jammy donuts.


Here’s the results post:

Bella ladies win Scottish medals again!