A little bit of history: 1978 World XC Champs in Bellahouston park

We’ve recently been looking at some options for cross country courses in Bellahouston park, and thought it would be fun to look at some of the historical courses that have been used, as well as some of the history of the park itself.

The biggest cross country event by far was the 1978 World Cross Country Championships, and we are immensely grateful to Graham Macindoe, and Hugh Barrow of Victoria Park, for having unearthed a couple of absolute gems from this big event.

Firstly, the map of the course from the event. It’s interesting to see the change in layout of the park, and the old sports centre (refurbished in the late 1990s). There is plenty more on the park’s history on Wikipedia. For a more close-to-home section, including some quotes from our very own Jimmy Irvine,  scottishdistancerunning.scot has a section on Bellahouston, featuring a history of the running track in the park. There’s an interesting piece, featuring ourselves, on the Nethercraigs page.

Secondly, a copy of the programme, and admission prices.

Last, but by far from least, here’s a super section of video from the John Treacy archive. John was the eventual men’s winner, and very successful Irish Olympic athlete. The winner crosses the line at 8:40, and it runs until 12:27 when it switches over to another event.

We hope you agree it’s a lot of fun to see the park as it was, in 1978. Maybe some of that course might feature in a future XC event!?