Simon, Derek and Christie jumping on the hillside

Hills, trails, and cross country mud in and around Glasgow at the weekend!

Sometimes it’s important to take time out from hard training and racing, to just enjoy the sport of running. In Glasgow we’re close by to lots of stunning Scottish countryside. The club has plenty of trail runners, ultra runners, and hill runners who all love to get out amongst it. Our social media feeds were lit up at the weekend with some inspiring pics from members who were (quite rightly!) pleased with their efforts, so we thought we’d share them with you! We’ve also included links to Strava too to help with ideas.

Simon Wells took the amazing featured picture for out on a run at Glen Loin/Ben Vorlich with Derek and Christie. It’s a favourite loop of theirs, and relatively easy to get to, and scenic right through the year. Huge credit to them though for taking this amazing pic when it looks so cold (Extra kudos for the Shorts Simon!)

Elle, Alison, Terry, Lynn and Kelly were out near Helensburgh doing a recce of the From Hel’n Back hill racethat takes place later in the year, and took this super selfie with the backdrop towards the Clyde estuary.

Of course some members just love running around muddy fields, and the Kilmarnock Harriers Roon The Country open XC was on on Sunday, and a few club members headed down the road to take part (and managed to win a case of beer as a spot prize!). Cat MacDonald had earlier continued her excellent cross country season, with the overall win of the Ladies event.

Closest to home, the brilliant trails of Pollok Country Park are always a great option, and this weekend were the focus of the latest in the new South by Five series of races. The 5k trail race was certainly a muddy affair, although Jamie Wieland here in this pic by Bella and marshal Garry Smith was taken just before the heavy going section down past the North Wood pond.

Anyway, always lots to inspire and enjoy in and around Glasgow, and great to see so many members getting out and about enjoying the beautiful Scottish countryside!