2018/19 Autumn/Winter training variation

Just a note to remind members that this autumn/winter, the club will be meeting at a different venue on alternate Wednesdays, starting 17th October (full list of dates below). Full details of the background for this training variation on the member’s forum. All other dates continue at Glasgow Club Nethercraigs, as usual.

We will be meeting from 6.15pm at St Francis Community Centre, Cumberland Street, G5 0SE. We’ll then proceed to a session on Glasgow Green at 6.30pm, after announcements, for a structure training session.

The training venue, and specific session, is always indicated on the front of our website, so it’s easy to check in advance.

We have recently started a Whatsapp club announcement group which we will publicise this on (as well as any training cancellations or urgent news). Please sign up if you’ve not already done so. Details on how to do so are on the forum.

Please speak to a member of the board, or coaching group, if you’ve questions or concerns!

The full list of dates is:

    • 17th October 2018
    • 31st October 2018
    • 14th November 2018
    • 28th November 2018
    • 12th December 2018
    • 16th January 2019
    • 30th January 2019
    • 13th February 2019
    • 27th February 2019
    • 13th March 2019
    • 27th March 2019