Bowling Pavilion Trial

For March 2020, we’re excited that we’ll be trialling a new training venue for the club, which we hope, in time, may even become the permanent training venue for the club. We’re excited to be working with the Glasgow Life team at Bellahouston to be back in the park after which our club is named, and helping bring a currently little used facility back into use.

Club member’s can access the club forum post with the announcement and full details, but for non-members or guests attending for the first time, we will be meeting on most nights (except 18th March) at the bowling pavilion adjacent to Bellahouston Sports Centre.

The postcode for Sat Nav’s is G52 1HH. Please also consider parking on nearby streets, but do please be mindful of nearby residents. If you’re arriving by car, you should see the pavilion at the edge of the carpark (see view from carpark below). If you’re arriving by foot or bike, it’s between the Sports centre and Paisley Road West. If you’re looking at the front-door to reception, follow the path around to your left and walk across the carpark.

Please note:

  • There are limited changing facilities in the pavilion. Please arrive ready to run if at all possible.
  • Pavilion will be opened at 6.15pm by the Trustee on duty.
  • Whilst we will lock the pavilion when we’re not there, but note there are no lockers at the moment.
  • There currently are only two toilets in the pavilion. You may wish to use Bellahouston Sports Centre toilets (public access ones to the right of reception).
  • We’ll be learning as we go, so please bear with us as we find our feet. We hope to make the place more our ‘own’ over the course of the trial.
  • Members will be discussing the venue on our club forum, and voting on the matter at our 2020 AGM on 30th March. Please consider joining us as a member to be involved in the decision making process.

Pictures (Click to expand)

Aerial view:









Aerial view looking south







View from carpark: