Scottish National XC Championships 2012

7 ladies and 16 men from Bella took on the challenge of the longest cross country race on the race calendar – the National XC championships at Falkirk on Saturday, 18 Feb. As ever, this race attracted pretty much all of the best runners in the country, so competition was fierce throughout the pack.

The ladies had the pleasure of a snow storm as they lined up for their start, but that was quickly forgotten one they got stuck into all the hills and mud. The race was won by defending champion Freya Murray and the Bella ladies came in 11th team overall out of 28 teams:

68 Romy Beard Bellahouston RR 36:03
70 Claire Wharton Bellahouston RR 36:10
83 Elsie Downham Bellahouston RR 36:53
98 Emma Bryson Bellahouston RR 37:08
101 Ciara Baxter Bellahouston RR 37:18
111 Julia Harris Bellahouston RR 37:51
141 Sarah Gillies Bellahouston RR 39:46
11th Bellahouston RR (319) 68,70,83,98

The men’s race was also won by a defending champion – Derek Hawkins. Bella men’s team managed 9th place overall out of 33 teams:

42 Kieran Docherty Bellahouston RR 43:34
70 Greig Glendinning Bellahouston RR 45:19
96 Russell Whittington Bellahouston RR 46:25
104 Craig Reid Bellahouston RR 46:37
115 Mark Johnston Bellahouston RR 47:02
142 Scott Kennedy Bellahouston RR 48:10
159 Gerard Scullion Bellahouston RR 48:48
165 Bruce Carse Bellahouston RR 49:02
179 Grant MacDonald Bellahouston RR 49:18
205 Thomas O’Connell Bellahouston RR 50:05
291 Gordon Clements Bellahouston RR 53:01
295 Andrew Hardman Bellahouston RR 53:05
305 Barry Edwards Bellahouston RR 53:35
364 John Newlands Bellahouston RR 56:04
393 Alex Lawther Bellahouston RR 57:24
443 Chris Brotherston Bellahouston RR 1:00:37
9th Bellahouston RR (569) 42,70,96,104,115,142

My personal favourite bit was the Trench of Doom(?) at the far end of the golf course, which was not unlike falling into a big hole and trying to scramble out the other side, times three.

And to top it all off, our own Bryan Burnett provided the live commentary on the day, displaying his usual shameless bias to cheer on all the Bellas taking part – thanks Bryan!

A great day out with some brilliant performances – well done everyone.


Report from Bruce