Lochaber marathon

Report from Lucy.

Thank-you so much to lovely Sandy who made the long journey to Fort William to be a supporter at the Lochaber marathon on Sunday. Was a dreicht day for standing about, but Sandy was always smiling and enthusiastic, and altogether a wonderful supporter. Really helped to get us round.

Race was great. Ran with Suzanne, who, like myself, was running her 2nd Lochaber. Last time I ran it was 2001, don’t remember much about that race, apart from it being windy and rainy (much as it was on Sunday). We stuck together for most of the race, was great to have the company (sorry for talking mince, Suzanne. Sorry also for singing. Poor you).

Really enjoyed the race. Was chuffed to run 2nd half one minute faster than 1st half.

Lochaber doesn’t have the crowds, bands, famous sights or incredible wall of noise London has. It does, however, have:spectacular hills to admire (for many a mile), rousing sound of bagpipes at start and finish, shower at the end(unfortunately mine was cold, but it was good to be clean), post-race best cup of tea EVER, lovely filled roll and a Ben Nevis whisky miniature (my husband quaffed it when we got home, his reward for driving me there and back). Also, a shiny medal in a plush velvet box.

Very well done to Suzanne, who ran her first sub 4 hr marathon.

John Gilhooly 3:03:57, David Lockhart 3:36:16, Lucy Mackay 3:53:41, Suzanne Motherwell 3:55:49