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Scottish National XC Championships – Race report

I’m pondering where the report for the National Cross Country championships at Falkirk’s Callendar Park is, given a whole week has passed since the race.

My first conclusion was that everyone is trying to blank out the memory of the sleet, hail, wind and mud, and the last thing we need is a further reminder of the cold, wet and mud with a race report.

But then the more likely explanation struck me. Ordinary Bella club members just feel their writing skills and narrative of the cross country race in Falkirk are just too unworthy to follow that eminent, animated, and inspired Conundrum race report from Peter.

So here’s a dull race report.

It was freezing. And very wet, with runners contending with rain, sleet and hail throughout the day. The wind blew most club tents away, and really ripped through the tape marking the course. There was lots of mud to run through. And a lot of hills.

Not sure I have reconciled the trail shoes v spikes debate: a good part of the course is on rocky trails which were great for my trail shoes and I took a fair few runners on this stretch; but trail shoes meant I pretty much had to walk up one steep muddy hill as it was impossible to get any grip so I just went backwards at this stage.
This was my first cross country, and my main objectives were to stay on my feet and not get injured. I did achieve these, but I will be adding not getting hypothermia to my key aims for the next one. I was sent home early to thaw out, so I missed cheering the boys on in their race.

Everyone who ran in such conditions deserves applause, but the performance of the day goes to our club for keeping the lovely Bella gazebo upright to give us a bit of shelter before and after the races.

by Mary

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