Goat Fell Race Report – 16 May 2015

Distance: 15.5k

The sight of blood running down the knees of the unlucky ones made me more determined to get down

Fellow Bella Jamie Howie & myself ran up and down Arran’s highest along with another 200.

During our voyage across from Ardrossan the waters were choppy with rain thrashing down on us – memories came flooding back to last years Bella Arran weekend – “Martie Pellow”.

Stepping onto the Island and by some miracle the skies cleared and the rain shifted over to the mainland which brought a smile to all. Heading on foot over to the Ormidale Pavilion the atmosphere was building, jackets & layers getting stuffed into rucksacks leaving Goatfell with a blue background.

Once dressed we decided to go for a little run around the grass field at the back of the Pavilion chatting to other runners with the main topic being “who’s going to finish in second place?”.

You start with a lap on the grass with plenty of support from the sides then out onto the road for about a mile leading up onto forrest trails before you start to climb onto the hill.

Trying my best to keep going the steepness really kicks in which brings you to hands on knees dance forward – most people do this.

About mile 4 a tall bearded guy wearing a white vest with a blue band across it came flying towards me, this guy was motoring and was obviously in a hurry to get down – it was Finlay Wild – David Beckham of Hill Running.

By then I realised I wasn’t going to win this race, I was 20mins away from the top.
It gets tricky near the top with a little scrambling involved, however, the descent is bonkers, finding top gear comes easy but dangerous dodging folk that have still to summit.

The sight of blood running down the knees of the unlucky ones made me more determined to get down before I got bitten by the Mountain Beast. Running down boulder fields allows only for nano-second decision making on foot landings, plays havoc on the brain especially when other runners are trying to overtake you. Eventually you hit the trail allowing to push a little harder and any luck over-take a few that went out too strong.

The last section brings you back down through the forest onto the road for the last mile. Well marshalled throughout, you finish with a grass lap and plenty of shouts to run faster(I will next time) then over to a water station followed by tea,coffee and all the cake you can devour.

Nobody really cares who finishes second, which is a shame.

Finlay Wild 1hr 14mins “unofficial” giving him a 2min Pb on last years time.

This race is well organised from top to bottom, with the Arran Mountain Rescue guys out on the mountain which brings a massive sense of security.
Derek’s time 1hr 50min {unoffical}
Jamie’s time 1hr 58min {unofficial}
Look forward to 2016 race.

Derek Rigmand

Image cropped from photo
copyright Keith Burns
licenced for reuse CC BY-SA 2.0