Barry Buddon Half Marathon – 30 August 2015 – Race report

With Berlin at the end of September I was in the market for a race sharpening half marathon with 4 weeks to go. I had seen that the Barry Buddon race was advertised as a flat, fast race, that’ll do nicely I thought. So off I headed not too early yesterday for a 12pm start up in the the military range just by Monifieth. A very friendly registration area was enhanced further by a couple of musicians playing guitars and a violin, not the sort of thing you get at the GSR. The only downside at this point was the fairly stiff breeze and the sun splitting the sky. Anyway, I was joined at the start by fellow Bellas Tony, Shona and Mhairi, and off we went.

After a headwind in the 1st mile we turned round and got the benefit of a tailwind for the next 3 miles, at this point I was wondering what my new PB was going to be, foolish boy. After a quick change of direction, miles 5-7 were straight into the wind and by the time we turned both myself and Colin Thomas from the Harriers had nothing left in the tank. It was a pretty sorry last few miles and the last mile itself was straight into the wind again, what a whiner I am. I finally limped over the line in 3rd place and Shona retained her F45 trophy.

All that aside, the main reason for this report is to highlight the selfless actions of Mhairi, who sacrificed her own race when a fellow runner collapsed after 3 miles. She waited with him for 15 minutes until help came and she finally managed to resume her race, I would imagine that most people would just call it quits at that point. Another proud moment for the club, well done Mhairi!

Bruce Carmichael 3 01:14:32 61 Bellahouston RR
Anthony McParland 58 01:32:46 271 Bellahouston RR
Shona Donnelly 105 01:42:23 96 Bellahouston RR
Mhairi Hill 166 01:53:07 177 Bellahouston RR

Photo:   © Copyright Douglas Nelson and
licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence