Great Scottish Run – 4 Oct 2015

There was a fabulous turnout of 79 Bellas at the Great Scottish Run events today. 49 took part in the Half Marathon, 10 were in action in the 10k and a further 20 volunteered to marshal the start. Conditions were ideal for running and there were a number of big PB’s. The Half marks the last race in the Club championship for this year. Well done to everyone who took part and a big thank you for all the support.

Great Scottish Run HM 2015 - Bella Results

BRUCE CARSE2937201:17:29
IAIN BURNS2807801:17:55
TIMOTHY MARTIN2229801:18:57
MARK ARMSTRONG428715901:22:55
ANDREW ALLEN241917401:23:30
ALAN MOSS187224601:25:48
DEBORAH GRAY71431101:27:31
GARRY PORCH94540501:29:08
DONOUGH MC BREARTY412142701:29:34
CHRISTOPHER LOGUE167344101:29:51
LOUISE ROSS27545201:29:59
CLAIRE WHARTON263855701:31:33
DAVID FERGUSON288258801:31:57
KEITH GIBB255681601:34:39
KATIE MATHIESON30284501:34:55
STUART TELFER347993401:35:54
MHAIRI HILL303798701:36:23
TOMOYO FUJIWARA2404106001:37:08
CIARA BAXTER2922117801:38:06
GRAEME PERT5279144901:40:13
FRANCESCA JANNETTA1972147001:40:25
BARRY FREEL3162156301:41:09
SHONA DONNELLY1200167701:41:59
ROSE MCROBERT2416170701:42:07
ALEXANDRA YOUNG2262170601:42:07
GERRY HANLON8745171101:42:09
CHRISTOPHER DOAK2780187501:43:14
CARLA WARD2577191401:43:28
HENRY MERRIWEATHER4263191301:43:28
DAVID BOAG13374192001:43:29
NORMAN BOYLE3279202401:44:04
MADELINE SMILLIE1747224201:45:26
LOUISE MCNICOL3236240501:46:25
BRIAN YOUNG1519267601:48:05
BRIAN KEENAN2636271101:48:16
ELIZABETH HUGHES7331274501:48:26
LOUISE GRAY4252285601:49:00
KEVIN TURNER3204339001:51:48
STEPHEN HARRIS5213349901:52:24
EMMA LINDSAY8727357101:52:46
STEPHEN BELL6632362701:53:01
WALTON PANTLAND699379301:53:56
LUCY MACKAY3558473901:58:28
NEIL HARVEY12475492101:59:34
ANNE CAMPBELL7054503902:00:15
NICOLA BARRINGTON9826649002:09:59
DAVID KERR3008809502:27:13