Bella Curry Night: Saturday 25th February

The annual Bella Curry Night will be held on Saturday 25th February.

It’s the night of the National XC. If you rice to the challenge and race in potentially balti conditions you could end up a bhit chilli or jalfreezing. So instead of going home to a soft pilau, why don’t you cumin to the India Quay at 8pm, situated raita across from the Squinty Bridge for some great chaat and a few drinks?

This event is open to everyone, including those members not tikka-ing the opportunity to run. Partners welcome too.

The meal is a three course buffet for only £15 – what a great dhal!

If you have any energy left (I’ll have naan) then we can curry on afterwards to a nightclub where we’ll no doubt be dancing to classic songs korma chameleon, poppadom preach and fight for your right chapati….

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featured pic cc0 via pixabay