Bella 3K Track Race

The Club held its inaugural 3K track race on 18 April, the sunniest and warmest evening of the year so far.

No fewer than 53 club runners competed in three heats, cheered on by fellow club members, and supported by an enthusiastic team of volunteers who worked hard to time each runner individually.

It was a great chance for everyone to practise racing on the track in a friendly environment, and a nice excuse to enjoy some food and drink together after the running was over.

We hope that this sort of racing evening will become a regular part of the club’s activities.  Let us know if you have any ideas for next time!

The club is extremely grateful to Doleen and Jim who gave invaluable help on the night, and to Pollok Parkrun and Giffnock North for lending equipment.

Congratulations to all the runners who took part and a big thank you to everyone who volunteered.

Here is a brilliant video of the event that Kevin Turner has put together.