2020 Awards night

Our annual awards are a big part of the club year. Whilst racing was heavily impacted by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the club updated its club championship to incorporate virtual challenges and Strava segments, enabling a whopping 75 members to complete the championship criteria, and compete for our prizes.

Whilst we unfortunately couldn’t meet in person, we staged our awards ceremony virtually via Zoom last weekend on Saturday 24th October. The awards night featured a few specially created videos and songs, fun socially distanced award presentations. You can find the highlights below!

Well done to all our prize winners, including all our brilliant Lockdown Legend award, ourΒ Member of the Year (Gerry Scullion), our Most improved members (Alan Digweed, Anne Campbell), ourΒ Club Champions (Grant Murphy and Cat Macdonald) as well as all our age category winners,Β ourΒ Winter handicap winners, and ourΒ Cross Country/Off Road ChampΒ winners. Full details below!

Bella Twists 2 – Bella Strikes Back!

A follow-up to our popular Bella Twists lockdown video.

Bella Lockdown Legends

Our awards night recognised members who made a big contribution during lockdown with the ‘Lockdown Legend’ award, which our brilliantly talented members Alan Digweed and Marty Campbell, but to music, and Laura Henderson created a great video for:

Championship completers

A whopping 75 members completed the championship, and we always like to reflect their achievement at the awards ceremony.

Award winners

Member’s vote

Member of the Year 2020: Gerard Scullion
Most Improved Male 2020: Alan Digweed
Most Improved Female 2020: Anne Campbell

Club Champions

  • Men: Grant Murphy
  • Women: Cat Macdonald

Age Category winners



  • Winner. Grant Murphy
  • Runner Up. Bryan Mulgrew
  • 3rd Place. Stuart Laurence


  • Winner. Cat Macdonald
  • Runner Up. Christie Ford
  • 3rd Place. Isla McIntosh



  • Winner. Bruce Carse
  • Runner Up. Alan Digweed
  • 3rd Place. James Shepherd


  • Winner. Louise Ross
  • Runner Up. Emer Campbell
  • 3rd Place. Ann Robin



  • Winner. Gerry Scullion
  • Runner Up. Colin Hughes
  • 3rd Place. John Mackenzie


  • Winner. Rhoda Yarmahmoudi
  • Runner Up. Roz Wilson
  • 3rd Place. Louise Gray



  • Winner. Allon Galbraith
  • Runner Up. Al Maclachlan
  • 3rd Place. Frans Roelofse

Lockdown Legends

  • Kelly Ludwig
  • Oscar Wild
  • Rhoda Yarmahmoudi
  • Gerard Scullion
  • Gordon Goldie
  • Alan Digweed
  • Marty Campbell
  • Laura Henderson
  • Leanne McIntosh
  • Louise Ross
  • Emer Campbell
  • Richard Leyton
  • Kevin Queenan

Winter handicap Championship


  • Winner: Allon Galbraith
  • Runner Up. Alan Moss
  • 3rd Place. James Shepherd


  • Winner. Isla McIntosh
  • Runner Up. Catriona Macdonald
  • 3rd Place. Louise Ross

Cross Country/Off Road Championship


  • Winner: Grant Murphy
  • Runner Up. Stuart Laurence
  • 3rd Place. Bryan Mulgrew


  • Winner. Catriona Macdonald
  • Runner Up. Louise Ross
  • 3rd Place. Isla McIntosh