Group A – Autumn schedule 2 (w/c 3/Nov)

Here’s the latest schedule which includes plenty of hill work, long reps and intervals on Mondays, with a view to building a wide endurance and strength base moving into the Winter months. On Wednesdays, the sessions will be a mix of road and track and will be shorter and slightly sharper. The track sessions in particular will be useful for focusing on pace control. Please note that easy run options may be available on Mondays where races have taken place over the preceding weekend. 

There is no ‘easy’ week 7 included in this schedule. An easy period will be included at the beginning of the next 7-week schedule to coincide with the Festive period. 

The hill sessions in weeks 1 and 5 will be run in conjunction with the Shettleston Harriers training group, making use of a couple of the local parks (these sessions will actually take place IN the parks, so be ready with your ‘night vision’!). They’ll be run on tarmac. 

The Wednesday sessions in weeks 1, 4 and 6 will be at Nethercraigs (so remember to bring your extra track fee!). 

Mon 03/11/2008 (Week 1) 
Hills (Shettleston) – 6 x 3mins with jog down recs. (Bella Park) 
Wed 05/11/2008 
Track session: Distance pyramid (2 x 400 / 2 x 800 / 2 x 1000 / 2 x 800 / 2 x 400) with 60-90secs recs. @ 3k-5k pace 
Weekend of 08-09/11/2008 
Glasgow Uni 5m Road Race and/or 12-14 miles steady (road) 

Mon 10/11/2008 (Week 2) 
6 x 5mins with 90secs jog recs. 
Wed 12/11/2008 
10 x 600 @ 5k pace with 75secs recs. (Science Centre) 
Sat 15/11/2008 
Brampton to Carlisle Road Race or 12-14 miles steady (off-road if possible) 

Mon 17/11/2008 (Week 3) 
Hills (4 x Sherbrooke loop / continuous pace) 
Wed 19/11/2008 
3 x (120 / 90 / 60 / 30secs brisk) with equal jog recs. (Festival Park) 
Weekend of 22-23/11/2008 
Renfrewshire Individual XC and/or 2hr hill run 

Mon 24/11/2008 (Week 4) 
3 x 10mins with 90secs jog recs. 
Wed 26/11/2008 
Track session: ‘Downhill’ session (1600 / 1200 / 800 / 2 x 600 / 4 x 400) with 90secs/200 jog recs. @ 5k-3k pace 
Sat 29/11/2008 
12-14 miles steady (road) 

Mon 01/12/2008 (Week 5) 
Hills (Shettleston) – 7 x 2mins with jog down recs. (Queens Park) 
Wed 03/12/2008 
20mins ‘out and back’ tempo plus 6 x strides (Haggs Road) 
Weekend of 06-07/12/2008 
West District Individual XC and/or 12-14 miles steady (off-road if possible) 

Mon 08/12/2008 (Week 6) 
7 x 1200 @ 10k pace with 75secs jog recs. (Festival Park) 
Wed 10/12/2008 
Track session: Parlauf (10k per pair) 
Sat 13/11/2008 
12-14 miles steady (off-road if possible) 

Mon 15/12/2008 (Week 7) 
Hills (4 x Sherbrooke loop / increasing pace) 
Wed 17/12/2008 
10 x 600 @ 5k pace with 75secs recs. (Science Centre) 
Sat 20/12/2008 
2hr hill run 

The detailed sessions should be supplemented with easy/steady runs and longer weekend runs as appropriate to upcoming racing targets. See the message board for details of any organised weekend group runs.