Group A – Autumn schedule 2 (w/c 3/Nov)

Here's the latest schedule which includes plenty of hill work, long reps and intervals on Mondays, with a view to building a wide endurance and strength base moving into the Winter months. On Wednesdays, the sessions will be a mix of road and track and will be shorter and slightly sharper. The track sessions in particular will be useful for focusing on pace control. Please note that easy run options may be available on Mondays where races have taken place over the preceding weekend.  There is no ‘easy’ week 7 included in this…Read more

Group A – Autumn Schedule w/c 15/9/08

Mon 15/09/2008 (Week 1)  Hills - 10 x continuous Meadow loops (Pollok Park)  Wed 17/09/2008  10 x 650 @ 5k pace with 75secs recs. (Bella Park)  Weekend of 20-21/09/2008  12-14 miles steady (road) or Millport social run  Mon 22/09/2008 (Week 2)  5 x 1 mile @ 10k pace with 75secs recs. (Bella Park)  Wed 24/09/2008  Track session: 3 x (800 / 1min rec. / 400 / 30secs rec. / 400 / 1min rec.) @ 3k pace  Sat 27/09/2008  12-14 miles steady (road)  Mon 29/09/2008 (Week 3)  10 miles inc. 6 x 5mins with…Read more

Group A Training – Aug-Sept 08

This schedule uses preparation for the Glasgow HM in early September as its main focus, with sessions appropriate to preparation for lead-up races also included. Please note that any Monday sessions can (and probably should) be replaced by easy runs for those recovering from races in any of the previous weekends.  Scott 93Read more