Group B – Autumn Schedule 2 (w/c 3/Nov)

Please find the new Group B schedule below. For the eagle-eyed amongst you, you will immediately see hard work all the way to Christmas. This is to reflect the fact that for many people, the festive period is a lighter training time anyway so it seems to fit quite well…it also gives a slightly more compelling case (if one were needed Smile ) for Christmas over-indulgence. 

There are lots of hills and track work in this block. This is deliberate as the winter period is a good time to build strength and hills are a good way of doing this. Also, due to the well-lit nature of the track reps can be easier. 

The Monday runs will remain Coaches’ choice in terms of composition, and there may be some evolution in this block now that we’ve had practice on the routes. 

Please use other runs, cross-training (e.g. Club Circuit sessions) to complete your weekly training.  All the coaches are happy to answer any questions you may have about this or any other aspects of your training. 


3/11 – Orange Run [Savings Bank] 
5/11 – Gower St – 5 – 6×5 minutes, short hills, continuous – with 1 min recovery between sets (Jonathan/Michael); Mosspark Hills (Oscar/John) 

10/11 – White Run [Crookston] 
12/11 – Track – 3-4 X (4 x 400 @ 5k pace 45 sec static recovery; jog 200 between sets) 

17/11 – Green Run [Glasgow Green] 
19/11 – Sherbrooke Hills – 3-4 sets, hard up, recovery jog to next hill 

24/11 – Red Run [Eastwood Mains Rd] 
26/11 – Mosspark Hills (as per wk 1 – Jonathan/Michael) Gower St (as per wk 1 – Oscar/John) – Jonathan’s group option for track with Group A 

1/12 – Pink Run [Newlands] 
3/12 – Track – 3-4 X (400, 800, 400) @ 5k pace; 60; 60; 45 static recovery; jog lap between sets 2 & 3 

8/12 – Blue Run [Queen’s Park] 
10/12 – Sherbrooke Hills – 3-4 sets continuous run 

15/12 – White Run 
17/12 – Optional Session: either Gower St Long Hills 6×5 minutes continuous with 1 min recovery between sets or Track (6-8 X 800 @ 5k pace 75 sec static recovery)