Variety is the spice of life!

Just a bit of blowing the club trumpet here…don’t know about anyone else, but we’ve been smiling over the last few days at the variety of races that Bella runners (and riders) have been turning up at. In the last week or so we’ve had:

  • Greig pot-hunting on the roads and farm tracks of the Borders
  • Bella sweeping all before them at Goatfell
  • Joe running his 2nd superb ultra in a month
  • a record Bella turnout at the Glasgow parkrun
  • Ewan conquering the hills of Windermere
  • Brian O’D flying the flag at Loch Leven
  • Richard hashing with Mendip Hills Hash House Harriers (MH4)
  • Mole, Bruce G and Jackie (and others?) braving the hairpins and carpet tacks on epic cycle events
  • a couple of Bellas winning a bizarrely handicapped ’10k’ race on Skye (albeit running in the colours of their 2nd claim club!)

In the coming week we’ve got (among others):

  • a Bella contingent heading to the Inter Counties fell race in Cumbria
  • more (even more remote) pot-hunting from Greig on the Isle of Lewis
  • the Polaroid 10k series kicking off in Helensburgh
  • another parkrun

So we’ve got 5ks, 10ks, HMs, Marathons, Ultras, Hill Races and cycle races. Throw in the ongoing Duathlon training which folk are doing in preparation for the Highland Cross and the Corrieyairack Challenge, and I think you can say we’re diversifying more than most clubs! Doesn’t make writing training schedules any easier though!

It’s all great to see and illustrates that we’re so much more than just a road running club. There’s something for everyone at Bella! :D