Glasgow Uni 5 Mile – Sat 28 Nov 2015 – Bella Results

A wet and windy Glasgow University Hares and Hounds 5 mile race took place on Saturday, with 16 Bellas running as part of the Club’s Winter Championships.
The race was one by Deeside’s Robbie Simpson in 24:34 with Garscube’s Lesley Chisholm first lady home in 29:09. Provisional results are available here

Glasgow Uni 5 Mile 2015 - Bella results

0:29:33Timothy MartinMMSEN
0:31:09Anthony Lucio JannettaMMSEN
0:31:52Henry MerriweatherMMVET
0:31:58Al MachlachlanMMVET
0:33:12Christopher LogueMMSEN
0:33:35Michael LancasterMMSEN
0:34:31Richard LeytonMMVET
0:34:42Mhairi HillFFSEN
0:36:01Paul McGunnigleMMSEN
0:39:29Leanne McintoshFFFSEN
0:39:31Maree ShepherdFFSEN
0:41:30Kirsteen PatersonFFVET
0:42:25Lynne GoldieFFSEN
0:43:03Roz WilsonFFVET
0:43:45Terry NimmoFFVET
0:43:45Christine MilliganFFVET
A video of the event by Gordan Curran is available here: