Welcome to Bella!

We are one of Scotland’s biggest road and hill running clubs, based in the South Side of Glasgow. Whilst both our men and women are amongst the most successful in the West of Scotland, we encourage runners with a wide range of capabilities to join us, so whatever your goal is you’ll find a warm welcome at Bella.

For safety reasons the only criteria we ask is that you are able to run a 10k race in around 55 minutes and are comfortable running for an hour. If you are not quite up to this yet then a great place to start is ‘Jog Scotland‘. Click here for more info on Jog Scotland.

Try Running with us

The club is friendly, welcoming, and very active. So if you have taken up or returned to running and want to improve your fitness, running style or race times (or just to have fun!) then come along to one of our training nights and let us improve your running and social life. See our Join Us page for details. Be sure to take a look at the news page for the latest on what’s going on, or perhaps check out the photo gallery.

Training Schedule

 6:30 PM
Mon 27th Jun -

Continuous hill session (20-25 mins), grass opposite Pollok house, Pollok Park (tempo hills) (back up Meadow hills) Strava logo

Wed 29th Jun -

2x400m, 1x600m, 1x800m, (optional 1x1000m), 1x800m, 1x600m, 2x400m with 200m jog rec except 400m jog rec after 1000m, Track (Fartlek)

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