Group B – Autumn Schedule w/c 15/9/08

Here’s new schedule major change is Monday will now be the Run night not Wednesday as in previous years. Where possible i have put estimated milage for the runs. Any queries speak to myself or one of the other coaches. 

Week 1 15/9/08 

  • Mon Newlands Run(Pink) (8.5miles). Route here (courtesy of Colin).
  • Wed Meadow Session 

Week 2 22/9/08 

  • Mon Crookston Road(white)- l (8 miles). Route here (courtesy of Richard)
  • Wed Pollok Park bike trails 2-3 reps on either side ran at 3 to 5k pace – as fast as people dare basically. 1min recovery between reps. Option of Track session with Group A (schedule here)

Week 3 29/9/08

  • Mon 29/9/08 Silverburn run(blue?) (7miles) 
  • Wed Meadow Session. 

Week 4 6/10/08 

  • Mon – Eastwood Toll (red) 
  • Wed – hill reps front of Pollok Park – progressive hill sets to be decided on footing/light softer terrain less reps or 1k reps at Festival Park 6-8 reps 10k pace. Last Pollok session of the year 🙁





Week 5 13/10/08 

  • Mon Green Run – New Route (9.5miles) 
  • Wed Track session – 300’s with 100m jog recovery 14max ran at 1m pace. 





Week 6 20/10/08 

  • Mon Queen’s Park(blue)(7miles) 
  • Wed Gower St short hills 5 sets of 5 reps with 1min recovery. 





week 7 27/10/08

  • Easy Week 
Use this to run new routes again if necessary.