2021 Bellahouston (Virtual) Mob Match – race report and notes.

2021 mob match results

πŸ’œ Bellahouston Mob Match 2021 πŸ’™

πŸ’œ Road Runners Champs again!! πŸ’œ

We’re delighted to announce that we have won the Bellahouston Harriers v Bellahouston Road Runners Mob Match for the 5th time in a row.
132 members of both clubs ran a virtual 5k at the weekend. 77 competed for us while our friendly local rivals had a commendable 55 members taking part, along with the fastest male and female placings.

There were some fantastic performances from both clubs and it’s great to see so many getting involved.

Hopefully we can race for real in Mob Match 2022!!

*photo from the 2020 mob match πŸ’œπŸ’™


This was the 5th annual mob match between the two clubs. An idea proposed by Richard Leyton, President of Bellahouston Road Runners and warmly embraced by members of both clubs. It was traditionally run at the Pollok parkrun, with tea and coffee afterwards at the Harriers’ base at Cartha Rugby club.Β 

It was agreed between the clubs that we would run it a bit later in the year and it took place over the weekend of the 20th and 21st of March 2021. The clubs roughly followed the guidance supplied by Scottish Athletics for virtual runs.

The planning teams led by Kevin Queenan and Mark Matheson made it possible for the event to take place. Members gathered and ran in pairs, singly and small groups all over the South side of Glasgow in Parks, roads, railway tracks and lochs. Members who reside out with Glasgow were encouraged to run.

Some members who are currently residing in Spain, USA stepped up to the plate and ran. It was an unexpected bonus that members in far flung places could compete.

Bellahouston Road Runners have embraced virtual running this winter and have consistently been the largest club by participation in Scottish Athletics virtual running events. Bellahouston Harriers have had significantly fewer competitors who have embraced virtual running.

A key task of the clubs was to encourage members to participate within Government guidelines and regulations through promoting the event on Facebook pages, forums and videos.

The number of participants speaks for itself with 77 Bellahouston Road Runners and 55 Bellahouston Harriers making a total of 132.

The competition was won by Bellahouston Road Runners for the 5th year in a row.Β 

The first male finisher was Miguel Delgado (BH) in a time of 15.41. The first female was Kristina Greig (BH) in a time of 19.25.Β 

Of the first six males, 3 were from BRR and 3 from BH. For females, 4 were from BRR and 2 from BH.

Richard Leyton, Chair of Bellahouston Road Runners and Tom Keenan, President of Bellahouston Harriers said that the numbers who participated demonstrated the commitment and desire of members to support the mob run. It posed challenges for the planning team which they overcome.

If other Scottish clubs wish to participate in this type of event both clubs would be happy to provide guidance on organising a mob match. Notes from previous (non-virtual events) can be found at https://www.bellahoustonroadrunners.co.uk/2018/04/07/organising-the-bellahouston-mob-match/